Accredited beauty & PMU courses for the serious beauty entrepreneur.
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If becoming a serious beauty entrepreneur is something you’ve aspired to be, then Beauty Base is your place to be. You can choose from a range of beauty courses such as brow courses, waxing courses, pmu courses and microblading courses.

Alongside running brilliant beauty courses we have salon owner workshops that help you grow your business and make friends in the beauty industry. 


We don’t need to bang on about how good we are, our students do that for us… watch now and find out how training at The Beauty Base has changed the lives of our students


What they say

About You

Ok, so you’re in the beauty industry or you want to be in the beauty industry… right?

You will either have a passion for perfect PMU Brows, an eye for crisp hair stoke Microblading Brows, you’ll maybe love all things brows, knowing that the latest fluffy, lamination brows is what’s hot right now… 

Maybe you’re into the full PMU makeup scene where you’re seeing beautiful PMU Powder Brows, PMU Eyeliner and the utterly stunning PMU Lip Blush that some artists are creating right now. 

Either way when you choose Beauty Base for your next PMU or beauty course you’ll be met with over 45 years of teaching experience (and that’s just between 3 educators)!

You’ll join the Beauty Fam, who will support you not just throughout your course time, but after you’ve completed your practical days in the beauty school. 

Here’s a little on who you’ll see on your next PMU or Beauty course:

Angie & Kerri are besties who met at a business workshop that Kerri was running back in 2017. Like true soul mates they hit it off right away and knew quickly that they were a force to be reckoned with when together.

They’re teamed up with another of Angie’s best friends, Kirsti, who has lived a mirror career next to Angie, teaching all over the world, for big names like HD and Sweet Squared plus many more, to come together in Glasgow City Centre, create the newest, biggest and most supportive beauty school around that will see you and many more students learn more, earn more and be more. 

When you visit The Beauty Base you’ll join the family of boss babes. A team of Queens that do nothing but love, support and nurture your journey to success.

Kerri & Ang

Co-founders of The Beauty Base and the ‘fixer uppers’ of your faces

If becoming a serious beauty entrepreneur is something you’ve aspired to be, then Beauty Base is your school to learn how to be just that

About The Beauty Base

Teaching you expert beauty skills is more than just showing you what to do with a PMU machine or a spatula. Its more than showing you how to create the perfect set of definition brows or how to tattoo winged eyeliner.  

Teaching you is knowing how you learn, adapting the teaching to sit your learning needs, seeing where improvement is needed, then implementing the skills to create an expert beauty therapist in your chosen beauty course. 

You can’t choose your passion in life. It’s a calling. Something you’re interested in that you can’t shake off. 

When something calls on you, interests you, sparks your senses and feels like your calling you have to listen. 

Whether that’s perfect brow design, microblading brows or massage and holistic treatments, your passion can be turned into a business so you can earn from doing what you love, on your own terms.

You will learn everything it takes to master beauty therapy. 

If you’re a complete beginner when you walk into The Beauty Base, with our beauty courses next to our lifetime student support you’ll quickly become the expert.

If you’ve been in the beauty industry for a while but feel like you’re a little stagnant in your beauty career then we have the courses, workshops and tools to share with you to find the fire in your belly again to excel at your chosen beauty niche.

The beauty industry is saturated with ‘academies’ and ‘training schools’ offering beauty courses and permanent makeup courses however there are very few beauty academies (basically just us) that offer high quality education when teaching beauty courses. 

This isn’t out of laziness or ‘can’t be bothered’ mentalities (we hope)… What you’ll find is that it’s down to the academy owners progressing from salon owner and beautician with a passion and expert knowledge of treatments who want to make more money and want to teach. 

The problem is teaching is a skill. True teaching, knowledge share and skills building is a skill in itself. A skill in which all too often, therapists and salon owners don’t take the time to learn before offering their beauty courses. 

With the lack of true teaching skills this results in you having to find another course elsewhere to try add to the skills you picked up soon the poor quality course or you have to just find your own way, do your own research and try your best to improve on your own. 


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