About us

The Beauty Base School is Glasgow’s newest support hub for salon owners and beauty professionals to learn, grow and up-skill. At Beauty Base we provide you with knowledge and skills training like no other.

Angie & Kerri are besties who met at a business workshop that Kerri was running back in 2017. Like true soul mates they hit it off right away and knew quickly that they were a force to be reckoned with.

When you visit The Beauty Base you’ll join the family of boss babes. A team of Queens that do nothing but love, support and nurture your journey to success.

Make Waves With Us

We are making waves in the beauty industry, waves that bring people closer together and tear down competitive behaviour. 

We truly believe there is more than enough to go around – let us introduce you to the world of abundance!


Let’s together, get rid of the old beliefs that other salons are competition. There’s a world of abundance out there for us all to enjoy together. Let’s open up the gates to a new beauty world of unity and togetherness. Let’s leave the lonely, competitive world of a salon owner in the past.


Let’s connect. 

Our Promise

Quantity plus Quality

How many beauty courses have you been on now where:


A.) You only work on ONE model then you’re ‘qualified’…


B.) You’re expected to pair up with another learner to be a model for each other… and then you’re ‘qualified’?


How nice would it be to come into your training course knowing that you’re going to practice on TWO-THREE models?


On booking our courses you will be given time slots to book your own models into throughout your day of learning.


We will guide you on what type of model will be best for you on the day, for example if you’re booked on brow lamination it’s going to be best for you to ask a model with thick brows and another with thinner brows so you can get the practice in for both kinds of brows.


You’re not expected to be on the bed as a model when you’re here to learn… After all, you’re here to pick up new skills, not get treatments done. We believe this is an integral part of developing your newly learned skills.

Support Before, During & After

Once you’re a part of The Beauty Base fam you’ll quickly realise that the support doesn’t stop at the end of the day when your course comes to an end. We know all too well how it feels to learn a new skill, take it back home then when the first client books in for the new treatment, the ground drops from under your feet. You start to doubt yourself and then you begin telling yourself that you don’t remember anything you’ve learned at your course. 


We are here to bring the ground back up to your feet, talk you off the ledge and regain the confidence you left the course with… no matter what time passes. We understand that in a day you can forget the fundamentals because you let fear get in the way of your thinking… and that’s why we don’t just wave you away at the end of the day then turn our phones off on you!’


You’ll feel like you’ve been wrapped in a cozy hug from your Great Aunty who hugs you a bit too long but it feels too nice to tell her to stop.