Our Educators

You’ll be cared for and supported throughout your journey here at Beauty Base with 40+ years of collective experience in teaching and even more in treatments

Kerri & Angie

Co-Founders / Educators


Head Educator


Ang and I have been through so much in the short few years of knowing each other. It’s only been 5 years but it feels like forever (in a good way!) 

From day 1 there was a connection. 

Have you ever met someone who, from the minute you met them felt like they have been in your life since day 1? The kind of connection that never feels awkward, is never strained and regardless of how much you see each other, always have something to talk about?

Our connection began when Angie mentioned getting a feather that morning, her seeing it as a sign… I instantly showed her the photo I took of the feather in my car that morning, telling her I saw it as the same kind of sign, one from my angels.

We instantly began chatting about our wee spiritual beliefs and how we loved angels, guidance cards and witchy things… 


We were each others biggest fan from the get-go. Helping each other grow our salon businesses and having fun as friends too. 

Last year, after lots of chats and after we sold our coffee shop that we opened in 2019 (that’s another story), we knew that we needed to throw ourselves back into the beauty industry. 

This was especially felt after covid hit the beauty industry so hard. 

We watched so many salons close their doors and saw so many people broken with the pandemic. We knew we had to do something to help save the beauty industry. 

Our knowledge and teaching skills couldn’t go unused any longer.

It was the only next-move on the cards… Join forces to open a kick-ass beauty school, one that helped students not just learn a new practical skill, but how to run a salon business, how to get more clients, how to scale their beauty salon, how to manage staff and how to improve their mindset to become a successful beauty entrepreneur.

As we both shared the dream of helping others in the beauty industry in more ways than one, it just felt right to do it together.

The vision of Beauty Base is clear… To help salon owners & beauticians achieve their dreams. 

Through lockdown we got together to plan our new business. On the reception floor of Peaches (Kerri’s City Centre waxing salon), we got out the flip chart, the coloured pens and we made a plan.

Within a few days (yes, DAYS) we stumbled across a unit that was available in Goosedubbs Lane… A little lane neither of us had heard of, but just so happened to be around the corner from the floor we were sat on in Peaches. 

As soon as we viewed it, we knew it was the perfect place to begin the journey.

Cue the opening of The Beauty Base. From November 2021, our vision began to materialise… and continues to do so.

We look forward to welcoming you into Goosedubbs.

Kerri x