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Suitable for complete beginners

Brow design using 7 steps of definition

Brow Lamination

Henna Brows

Expert Brow Mapping

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What exactly is the Expert Brow Tech Course?

Knowledge is power. 

There’s much more to brows than simply shaping them with a tint. The Expert Brow Tech course is a 3 day course that takes you from complete beginner, through he anatomy & physiology of brows, complications and how to manage them, how to advertise and market your new skills to get new clients.

Already got some of the qualifications within our Expert Brow Tech Course? That’s ok! We also have each module available as individual courses! So if you just want to train in Brow Lamination or you’re simply looking for a Henna Brows Course, whatsapp us and we can give you the dates for these 1 day courses.

The practical element of this course cover:

  • Brow Mapping
  • Brow shaping, design & tint
  • Brow waxing
  • Brow threading
  • Brow Lamination
  • Henna Brows

Once you complete the 3 days, you will be asked for case studies to complete your qualification.

The case studies are an important part to your learning as with each case study submitted, you’re given feedback on how to improve your skills, where needs adapted and how to do so.

This is gold for anyone learning a new skill. Imagine leaving after 3 days with a notepad full of notes, a head full of new information and real life that starts immediately when you’re finished your course.

Being ‘left to it’ only leaves room for error, little support and a big chance of you not enjoying your new skills and building more business.

This is exactly why we teach the way we teach, and we support the way we support afterwards.

Here's what you'll learn...

Not Only That...

There is So Much Included

It's amazing value for money

Course Price: £1333

Wax heater

Brow wax


Wax strips

Brow tidy kit


Brow mapping kit

Cotton pads


Henna brows kit

Brow Lamination kit

Expert Brow Tech Manual

Lifetime support

Your kit has enough for you to make back double your investment.

That means your kit will bring you back in over £2700 in treatments!

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