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Microblading Training

Course Price: £3540

It’s time for you learn more, earn more and be more.

Microblading Brows

Training Course

Learn the semi-permanent secret to faking fuller eyebrows that look totally natural

No pre-requisite (suitable for beginners)

3-day course: 10am-5pm

Kit included

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What exactly is Microblading?

Microblading Brows is a form of cosmetic tattooing.

Unlike body tattoos it’s more superficial, closer to the surface allowing it to fade over time as your face changes with age. (Happens to the best of us!)

The tool used is a small, handheld pen-like tool with a row of needles that help to create clean, crisp hairstrokes while depositing pigment into the skin

And what's all the fuss about?

The Microblading Brow Course is one of the most loved courses in Beauty Base.

This is down to being able to add in a treatment for those clients who just can’t grow their brows to the thick, full brows they desire.

Adding Microblading brows to your treatment list means added value to your clients treatment choices along with earning you more money in less time than your usual treatments such as lash extensions and nails.

Here's what you'll learn...

Not Only That...

There is So Much Included

It's amazing value for money

Course Price: £3540

15 Disposable Microblades (£89.95)

Pigment Collection (£227.94)

Pigment Pots (£5.00)

Green Soap (£13.00)

Microbrushes (£6.50)


Trays (£20.00)

Grip Roll x3 (£10.00)

Barrier Film (£12.99)

Balm (£20.00)

Inked Thread (£5.50)

Brow Calipers (£5.00)

Brow Mapping Marker (£6.00)

Brow Mapping Stickers (£5.99)

Sharpening Blade (£7.00)

Pigment Pot Holder (£6.50)

Support Manual(£70.00)

This kit is included with your Microblading Brows Course and allows you to complete 15 sets of Microblade Hairstroke Brows!

15 x £180 = £2700!

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