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Expert Nail Tech Courses

Course Prices From: £120 - £900

Choose your course from below.

It’s time for you learn more, earn more and be more.


The wannabe (soon to be) nail pro course

£900 - includes kit

3 day course: 10:30am-5pm

Learn this & you’re a step towards living life on your terms


Gel Nails

Builder Gel Nails

Accredited qualification gained.


The side hustle course

£480 - includes kit


Gel nails

1-day course: 10am-5pm

Accredited qualification gained.


The next step for those who already offer manicures & gel nails

£440 - includes kit

Earn more from nails your clients will love more

1-day course: 10am-5pm

Accredited qualification gained.


Get better at what you’re already doing

£120 - bring your own kit

Gel nails qualification required - bring your own nails kit (just one colour of gel required)

1/2 day workshop: 10.30am-1pm or 2pm-4.30pm

Certificate of attendance gained.

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Free Kit Included

What exactly are the Expert Nail Tech Courses?

Knowledge is power. 

Nails is how most in the beauty world begin. 

Here’s how it’s probably went to get your here:

  • You love the feeling of having fresh nails done and your reckon you could do them too
  • You hate your current job
  • You want a side hustle that will make your heart feel warm & fuzzy 
  • You are considering making a living out of beauty courses and want to start with nails
  • You already do a few beauty things and want to add to your treatment list
  • You already do nails and want to get better.


Well you’re in the right place for all of the above.

Beauty courses are your gateway to living your life on your own terms.

The practical element of this course cover:

  • Anatomy & Physiology 
  • How to perfect your prep 
  • Manicures
  • Gel nails 
  • Builder gel nails 
  • How to choose the right shape 
  • How to take good photos for socials
  • What your next steps are in the nail tech world

Once you complete course, unless it’s a 1/2 day workshop, you will be asked for case studies to complete your qualification. 

The case studies are an important part to your learning as with each case study submitted, you’re given feedback on how to improve your skills, where needs adapted and how to do so. 

This is gold for anyone learning a new skill. Imagine leaving after learning, with a notepad full of notes, a head full of new information and real life that starts immediately when you’re finished your course. 

Being ‘left to it’ only leaves room for error, little support and a big chance of you not enjoying your new skills and building more business. 

This is exactly why we teach the way we teach, and we support the way we support afterwards. 

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